Oral Presentation Australian & New Zealand Obesity Society 2015 Annual Scientific Meeting

Needs arising from the weight control clinic (#21)

Joseph Proietto 1
  1. Weight Control Clinic, Austin Health, Repatriation Hospital, Heidelberg

Austin Health established a weight loss clinic in 2003 based on the belief that:
1. Obesity is either genetic or epigenetic
2. Body weight is vigorously defended
3. Weight loss is best achieved rapidly
4. To maintain weight loss it may be necessary to suppress hunger and
5. Bariatric surgery should be available for those who do not succeed in achieving or maintaining weight loss by medical means.

Since then, over 2000 patients have been treated in this clinic. Recently we have reviewed our 3-year outcomes and the results will be presented.

The major needs that have been identified are that we require a broader range of hunger controlling drugs or hormones; that the availability of timely bariatric surgery is important as is plastic reconstructive surgery following large weight losses.